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Your Brand, Your Story

Nera is the sister company of a full-service private label cosmetics supplier and contract manufacturer based in Turkey. We develop the beauty and skincare products of your choice, under your name, wherever you are.

We have an extensive formulation database consisting of hundreds of formulas, so it’s easy to choose from them. Alternatively, we develop formulations to your needs if you request them. Our customers leave the formulations and other technical details to us to focus on building their brands by working on product development and marketing.

Consulting to You on Product Development Stage

Our product development team help all our private label partners to implement the best strategy for them.  To create and supply the beauty products you’re looking for; we study every aspect of your marketing strategy. We assess your marketing strategy, brand image, timeline, and economic constraints to help you make the right choices, and we give our consultations accordingly.

All our customers find this service very beneficial because they use our 25+ years of know-how to create their cosmetic lines or cosmetic brands.

European Quality with Much Lower Costs and Lower Minimum Order Quantity

The cosmetics market is very competitive. That’s why you need to lower your costs without jeopardizing your quality. Thanks to our 25+ years of know-how and in-house laboratory and production facility, we offer the same product and service quality as laboratories in France or Italy; however, we provide much lower prices.

We also have a boutique concept to offer minimum order quantities as low as 500 units for some product types. Additionally, Turkey is a hub county in Eastern Europe with easy access to European markets, Middle East markets and African markets.

Regulatory compliance

IGN is a GMP certified producer, and the regulatory experts at IGN make sure your final product fits all the applicable regulations and quality assurance requirements of your target market.

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