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A Wide Range of Packaging Options for All

IGN production facilities have their own automatic tube filling machines, semi-automatic filling machines and tube printing machines. That’s why our production unit is very skilled and can handle a wide range of packaging types and sizes. We take almost everything in-house, making us one of the most competitive producers holding a GMP certificate in Europe.

To find the perfect fit for your target market, product design and function, we have a wide selection of packaging solutions:

  • tubes, bottles, jars, airless bottles of all shapes, sizes and materials,

  • all types of closure systems, caps, lids, dispensers, applicators and droppers

  • secondary packaging solutions: folding cartons, labels, inner boxes, sleeves, cell wraps


Reliable and Precise Suppliers

We work with a combination of specialized suppliers to provide as many packaging solutions as possible. All suppliers in our shortlist have been carefully examined for reliability and quality. Our suppliers always follow strict rules regarding delivery times, quality, and regulatory requirements to ensure that your deadlines are honoured.

As a full-service laboratory and production facility, IGN offers 360 degrees of services from product development to design, formulation to production, and fill to assembly. Either a small project or a large one, we help tens of companies to succeed. Contact us to become one of our partners.

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