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Custom Production Solutions for Private Label Cosmetics

Nera is a private label cosmetic manufacturing company with a modern and advanced manufacturing facility partner based in Turkey. Our production unit provides highly flexible and functional services to meet the requirements of a wide range of skincare companies, from large international brands to small companies. If you plan to outsource some or all of the production process, we can help you.

We’re mainly focused on skincare products, including cosmeceuticals, dermo-cosmetics and pharmacosmetics. All our production capabilities are designed for mostly these given product categories.


Create Your Cosmetic Line from Scratch

Suppose you’re looking to outsource the entire process of creating a new cosmetic along with its manufacturing, filling, assembly and packaging. In that case, we are here to guide you every step of the way. In our 360-degree private label customer portfolio, we have many companies with different backgrounds, including;

  • Cosmetic companies looking for a new cosmetic line,

  • Celebrities who want to have their own cosmetics brand,

  • Beauty centres that wish to have their own cosmetics brand,

  • Hairdressers who want to have their own cosmetics brand,

  • Pharmacists, grocery chains, etc., who wish to have their own cosmetics brand.

IGN supports people, companies and organizations who want to develop their skincare or cosmetic brands. It has become widespread worldwide that entrepreneurs present their products to the market through collaborating with private label manufacturers and laboratories like us. Apart from the sales and marketing stages, we can assist in establishing your product line from scratch.

Thanks to our production facility of versatile manufacturing devices, we can offer minimum order quantities as low as 300 units for some products, so that our start-up customers can benefit from investing less at the start.


Contracted Cosmetics Manufacturing Service

Customers who only aim to outsource part of their cosmetic project are welcome to work with us. If you need us only to take care of the bulk production of your formula so your team can do the filling, assembly and packaging themselves, we can help you.

Or if you’re looking for bulk production, filling, and packaging with your materials, we can still help you. Please get in touch with us explaining your exact need, so our project development team will help you to get a quote.


Manufacturing Of Bulk Cosmetics to Large or Small Projects


Our private label cosmetic manufacturing facility can offer a wide range of projects. Whether your formula was designed by your laboratory or by the formulation of our team, we provide our production capabilities to you with the exact specifications you need. We continuously test and measure all process steps for quality assurance thanks to our GMP certified production system.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you like more information about our cosmetic manufacturing services and custom solutions.


Custom Filling and Assembly

Our filling machines and assembly lines handle a large spectrum of preparations, including liquids, gels, cream, oils, etc. Our automatic and semi-automatic filling machines can fill all types of cosmetics, whatever their density and viscosity. 

Thanks to our versatile packaging solutions, we can fill almost everything our customers ask for. All cosmetics from our manufacturing and filling lines are subjected to a strict evaluation from quality control.

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