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Create Your Own Skincare Brand in 5 Easy Steps

Private Label Cosmetic Production in 5 Easy Steps?

Private label production model is briefly the packaging and sale of a product or product group under the own brand. At this point, if you want to produce skincare products or cosmetic products with your own brand but do not know where to start, check out the 5 steps we have prepared for you!

Whether you are an experienced business owner or a fresh entrepreneur, you will need competitive advantage to quickly gain a good foothold in the fastest growing industry.

Step 1: Research Cosmetic Suppliers Offering Private Label Service

You can find companies that offer this service in two primary ways: by reference, by searching online, or by meeting face to face at cosmetics industry fairs.

The key step is to pinpoint exactly the products you want in your product range in order to choose the right supplier before beginning your research. List everything that matters to you. For example, do you want only organic products or products containing certain ingredients? What cosmetic products do you want, skin care products, shampoo, perfume etc.?

Once you have completed the list, the next step is to look for suppliers that offer private label services:

• Is there a GMP certificate?

• Do they provide packaging and label services for you?

• How are the label and packaging fees?

• What are the minimum order quantities (MOQ)?

• Order delivery times

• Do they provide required documents and register your brand so that it can be sold in Europe?

• Do they have support to sell your brand on platforms such as Amazon UK and Amazon Germany?

You can access the websites of the suppliers that are suitable for the features you are looking for online through keywords, and you can get detailed information about the product range they offer and working conditions. You can identify and contact several suppliers that are suitable for you. Beauty and cosmetics industry fairs, on the other hand, are an excellent way to meet with a supplier that offers many private label services. You can meet face to face by attending fairs, and you can also get the chance to try many products right there.

Step 2: Ask for references, ask for samples and review products

As you research suppliers, you will find that most of them offer sample kits at low cost, allowing you to order samples. Don't be afraid to spend money on sample because samples give you the chance to examine and check products in details. With these samples, you can determine whether the products meet your expectations and are compatible with your brand, and you can make a better choice by including your potential buyers and customers.

Many serious manufacturers may not be able to provide references due to confidentiality agreements, but try your luck, if they have customers who do not need a confidentiality agreement, they are likely to reference those products.

Step 3: Decide How to Market and Sell Your Product

Before placing your initial order, first decide how you want to market your products. You can sell in spas, beauty centres and clinics, as well as market on online channels such as social media platforms, e-commerce sites.

Step 4: Design Your Brand, Packaging and Logo

Many private label companies offer packaging, design and label support. By sharing the brief about the design you want with your production partner, you can make the revisions you want in the works from them. Or, alternatively, you can organize the entire design with your own team. Just plan everything before you place your order, then share your design brief with your OEM supplier.

Step 5: Order your private label products

You are now ready to order the products. Sign the private label agreement and place your order. While preparing your orders, prepare your sales channels and social media accounts for your new cosmetic series! Remember that you don't have to tie yourself to a single point of sale. Taking advantage of the private label service will provide you with a great competitive advantage in the sector!

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